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 Peter Gunn The TV Show . . . The lead character was handsome, dashing, and consistently well-dressed in tailored suits, which never seemed to wrinkle even after the usual scuffles with the bad guys. Edwards clearly modelled the character of Peter Gunn on Cary Grant, considered one of Hollywood’s most debonair leading men at the time. The actor chosen to play Gunn, Craig Stevens, even bore a close resemblance to Grant. The series was set in Los Angeles (although the actual city was never mentioned by name in the series) and, more often than not, inside a jazz club called Mother’s. The storyline essentially centred around Gunn solving his client’s problems (for which he charged $1000 a case), which always involved having to deal with an assortment of hitmen, hoodlums and assorted “hip” characters found on the jazz scene. To get a feel for the show that inspired the music, here is Episode 1, Season 2 of the Peter Gunn television series. Although I've loved this song and video by the

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